Frequently Asked Questions

This agreement was last modified on 2018

    • Prepaid health cards give you the flexibility to choose the coverage you care about whether consultations to emergency care or a combination of services, there is a Maxicare prepaid plan that fits your needs.

    • No, if the card has been registered already through SMS or Registration Portal. The card could be transferred or given as gifts if it has NOT yet been registered, activated, or used.

    • MyMaxicare LITE is available for purchase and usage to both Maxicare members and non – members aged two (2) years to 60 years old.
      EReady is available for purchase and usage to both Maxicare members and non – members aged 15 days to 65 years old.
      PRIMA is available for purchase and usage to both Maxicare members and non – members aged 15 days to 59 years old (SILVER) and aged 60 years old and above (GOLD).

MyMaxicare LITE FAQs

    • For your medical availment, simply present your Maxicare card and a supporting ID to our Coordinator in any of our accredited facilities or to our Customer Care Representatives in our Primary Care Centers. Acceptable supporting identification cards can be any of the following: company ID or any government-issued ID or school ID, all bearing your signature and photo. Upon presentation of your Maxicare card, our Customer Care Representatives or Coordinator will swipe your card for eligibility screening.
      For out-patient consultations, our Maxicare Coordinator, who is a medical practitioner, will conduct his/her medical assessment and will prescribe the necessary treatment for your medical condition.
      For elective or non-emergency confinement, please secure an admitting order from your accredited admitting physician and present this together with your Maxicare card and a valid ID to the hospital’s admitting section.
      For an emergency availment, you may proceed to the nearest accredited hospital to your place of residence. Simply present your Maxicare card and a valid ID to the receiving desk of the hospital’s emergency section. If there are no Maxicare-accredited facilities near your place, you may still proceed to the nearest hospital or clinic. However, your medical availment will be handled on reimbursement basis subject to your program’s reimbursement provisions.

    • Your Maxicare Card serves as your access to Maxicare’s excellent medical treatment provided by our top-caliber medical specialists from the country’s finest hospitals and clinics. This is made available to you on a non-cash basis.
      Under your Maxicare healthcare program, you are entitled to out-patient consultations and hospital confinement benefits under the services of our accredited doctors. Emergency care, annual check-up and preventive care benefits are also included in your program. Application of these medical benefits will be based on your Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) or Annual Benefit Limit (ABL) subject to your program’s exclusion and limitation provisions.

    • It is a prepaid health card of Maxicare which provides one – time In – Patient Care availment, of up to Php 25 000.00, exclusively covering eight (8) identified diseases.
      The eight (8) identified diseases covered by MyMaxicare Lite are:
      1.) Chikungunya
      2.) Cholera
      3.) Dengue
      4.) Gastroenteritis
      5.) Leptospirosis
      6.) Malaria
      7.) Pneumonia
      8.) Typhoid and Paratyphoid.

    • It is commonly termed as Confinement, or a stay in a hospital facility for at least six (6) hours.

    • MyMaxicare LITE provides the following benefits:
      – Full confinement benefits such as Room and Board accommodation; use of Operating and Recovery rooms; use of Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Professional Fees of the attending Physician/s; standard Nursing services and admission kit; drugs and medicines for use in the hospital; whole blood / human blood products and IV fluids transfusion; X-Ray procedure, laboratory and diagnostics tests; Anesthesia; Oxygen and its administration; dressing, casts and other supplies or services directly related to the medical management of the patient.
      – In - Patient Care coverage for one - time availment of up to Php 25 000.00.
      – Nationwide access to Maxicare – affiliated hospital providers.
      – 20% discount on basic dental procedures at any Metro Dental clinics and 15% discount on dermatology procedures at any MyHealth Clinics.

    • This is available for purchase and usage to both Maxicare members and non – members aged two (2) years to 60 years old.

    • MyMaxicare Lite is available in two (2) plans. While both plans have the same Maximum Benefit Limit of Php 25 000.00, the higher variant provides added comfort of having access to the major hospitals in Metro Manila.
      Plan Type: Green
      Cost (one-time payment only): Php 1,599.00
      Access: Access to all Maxicare – affiliated hospitals nationwide, excluding the major* hospitals

      Plan Type: Blue
      Cost (one-time payment only): Php 2,199.00
      Access: Access to all Maxicare – affiliated hospitals nationwide, including the major* hospitals

      *Six (6) identified, major hospitals: Asian Hospital & Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Taguig, The Medical City.

    • Definitely, there is no need for paperworks. Registration is via SMS only. Just follow these steps below:
      1.) Lightly scratch – off the gray panel found at the bottom of the signature panel to reveal the Medilink Number (starts with 1168).
      2.) Register via SMS following this format: MAXIPREPAID#####.
      3.) Send it to any of the following numbers: 0917.8989691 / 0917.7776565 / 0999.8886565.
      4.) You will receive a notification of successful Membership Enrollment
      Once successfully registered, your MyMaxicare Lite membership will be activated 15 days from the time of registration.

      Your card will be valid for one (1) year from the date of registration.
      When confinement need arises due to any of the eight (8) identified diseases, present your MyMaxicare Lite together with a valid I.D. at any of our Maxicare – affiliated hospitals.

    • Yes you can; however, the cost difference between your preferred room and the standard room inclusion, plus the incremental rates due to the voluntary upgrading, will be charged at your expense.

    • Once the card has been swiped in the hospital’s Maxicare POS and a Letter of Authorization (LOA) has been generated already, the MyMaxicare Lite card is considered used. This means, the card will be deactivated and no longer valid to be used in other providers, even if reason/s of transfer is/are due to unavailability of room and/or Physician/Specialist.

    • Unfortunately, no. MyMaxicare LITE only covers Inpatient Care availment; therefore, consultations and/or laboratory tests following the confinement are no longer covered. However, if during confinement there is a specimen that needs to be examined in other affiliated hospital, Maxicare will cover the cost, subject to the limit of your MyMaxicare Lite card coverage.

    • No, it is not allowed.

    • Yes. You may advise the Roving Specialist to coordinate with the hospital’s Billing Department for issuance of another LOA and that you will use your MyMaxicare Lite card.

    • No, the balance will no longer be used as this is just for one – time availment only. Once an LOA has been generated and issued, the card is already deactivated.

    • Yes, as long as it has not been registered yet to a particular person.

    • Feel free to call us at any of our contact points as seen on this page.