Refund FAQs

  1. How can I ask for a Refund?
- View the Refund and Cancellation Policy in the footer of this website
- Scroll down to the bottom part of the policy and click the link: Request your refund here
- Accomplish the Refund Form


  1. How many days can I expect the processing of Refund? 

- Validation of request is within 4 working days upon receipt of accomplished Refund Form. Once approved and the Auto Credit Arrangement (ACA) Form was submitted, the processing is within 6 working days. 


  1. Can I request a Refund if I purchased it via Merchant/Agent/Broker? 

- No. Maxicare will only accept refund requests done through this route for products purchased through Maxicare Online Shop/Maxicare Cashier.


  1. How can I follow-up the Status of my Refund? 

- You may reach out to our Customer Hotline, contact no. (02) 8582 1900 


  1. How will I know if I'm eligible for Refund? 
- Once the Refund Form has been submitted our team will check it to validate 
- Once validated, you will receive an email from confirming if you are eligible or not for a refund.
- Once eligible, you have to accomplish the Auto Credit Arrangement  (ACA) Form (for bank details) and send it back to for the processing of your Refund.